Dr. Michael R. Penney Family Eye Care

Dr. Michael R. Penney provides family eye care for all ages, including comprehensive examinations, Lasik consultations, diagnosis/treatment of eye diseases, diabetic ocular evaluation, and a full line of eye wear. 3061 N. Westwood Blvd. Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 (573) 785-1442 http://www.drpenneyfamilyeyecare.com

Divine Family Eye Care

Keeping your eyes healthy and your vision the best it can be with the highest level of personal care.  Quality family eye care, glasses, contacts, diagnosis and treatment of eye infections and disease. 1347 N. Westwood Poplar Bluff, MO  63901 Phone:  573-712-2333 Fax:  573-712-2433 Email:  kdivineod@gmail.com Website:  www.visionsource-divinefamilyeyecare.com 

Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision is dedicated to helping our patients see better, look better and maintain healthy eyes by providing comprehensive care in a courteous, friendly and caring atmosphere. 1916 North Westwood Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Phone: 573-686-1164 Fax: 573-686-5072 Web Site: www.pearlevision.com Email: pearle@tcmax.net

Kneibert Clinic Optical Shoppe

When only the BEST will do! Let Kneibert Clinic Optical Shoppe provide your eye wear needs. Economy to designer frames available! MEDICAID ACCEPTED FOR GALSSES! 686 Lester St. Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Phone: 573-778-7235 Fax: 573-778-7282 Web Site: www.kneibertclinic.com Email: opticalshoppe@kneibertclinic.com

Bell, Troy OD

Comprehensive family eyecare, pediatric, contact lenses, ocular disease, LASIK consultation, etc. Full service one hour lab, single vision, polarized sunglasses, no line progressives, transitions, etc. 2751 North Westwood Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Phone: 573-785-5500 Fax: 573-785-5511 Web Site: www.bellfamilyeyecare.com Email: drbell@mycitycable.com